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They are a globally celebrated brand that has garnered more CBD-related awards than any other on the planet. Our unwavering commitment to quality and impeccable sourcing sets us apart, ensuring that each product in our range represents the very best in CBD innovation.

Living your best life is easy with ORANGE COUNTY’s 100% vegan edibles, crafted for quality and ethical consumption. Our commitment extends to every ingredient, ensuring they are:

100% Vegan: Our edibles are designed with your lifestyle and ethical considerations in mind.
Organically Grown Hemp: We source our CBD from 100% organically grown hemp, maintaining purity and sustainability from seed to shelf.

US Sourced, UK Made Excellence

US Sourced: Our CBD oil is extracted from the finest hemp growers in the United States, embodying the pinnacle of plant quality and purity.
UK Made: Designed, manufactured, and independently tested in-house in the UK, our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

Every ingredient in our products is free from GMOs and their derivatives, undergoing rigorous third-party testing at an ISO17025 certified laboratory. This ensures unparalleled quality and traceability from seed to shelf, guaranteeing peace of mind and trust in every purchase.

Our product lineup includes:

CBD Gummy Bears: A customer favourite, these delightful gummies combine flavor with the perfect CBD product.
CBD Gummy Strawberries: Discover the sweet taste of strawberries infused with premium CBD.

Plant-Powered and Ethically Sourced

With ORANGE COUNTY CBD, you’re choosing a brand that stands at the forefront of CBD innovation, quality, and consumer trust. Join us on or journeydfht supported by ethical sourcing, award-winning excellence, and a commitment to the environment and your health.

Discover why ORANGE COUNTY CBD is the preferred choice for discerning customers worldwide.

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