Introducing HERO's PEACH 8% THCH VAPE & 35% 10-OH 1ml - The Ultimate Peach Vape Flavor!

Discover the unparalleled world of THCH, a groundbreaking phytocannabinoid naturally found in trace amounts within the cannabis plant.

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Volume discounts

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2 5% Up to €4.95
3 10% Up to €14.86
10 30% Up to €148.64
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PEACH 8% THCH VAPE & 35% 10-OH 1ml - HERO

Crafted through the cutting-edge process of "terpenylation," THCH is created by adding extra carbon atoms to the CBD molecule using a terpene derivative. This innovative method results in a unique, longer-chain molecule, setting THCH apart as a highly sought-after compound in the cannabinoid realm.

Quality You Can Trust

At HERO Vapes, quality is our utmost priority. We exclusively partner with industry-leading vape suppliers to source the finest ingredients for our products. When you select HERO, you're choosing uncompromising quality, ensuring that you enjoy nothing but the finest vaping quality.

Our product is meticulously crafted from the purest natural ingredients, featuring organic cannabinoids and terpenes without any additives. Each batch undergoes stringent independent laboratory testing, guaranteeing a 0.00% THC content.

CCELL Vape Technology

Experience consistent smoothness with our disposables, thanks to CCELL technology. Scientifically designed pore distribution and even heat distribution in the EVO ensure a wider variety of terpenes are atomized, delivering up to 34% more flavor. The optimized ceramic formulation and advanced coil design enhance thermal efficiency. The heating coil is treated to resist oxidation, providing precise resistance and a 20% improvement in product consistency.


All our products are 100% legal and made in the EU from hemp-derived CBD.

Keep them out of reach of children. These products are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, active and professional drivers, or operators of heavy machinery.

Please refrain from driving motor vehicles or operating heavy machinery after ingestion.

Our products comply with Act No. 167/1998 §5.

Intended for industrial, technical, and horticultural purposes.

They are not for direct consumption or smoking.

Our products are only available for purchase by individuals over 18 years of age.

This item is intended for collectors only.


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